EcoReadyBath modular prefabricated toilet and bathroom Pods can be standard or 100% individuality.

These complete offsite prefabricated structures are ready-made just in one place – our factory.
Modular bathroom Pods include all walls, ceiling, floor, sanitary appliances and all mechanical and electrical installations.

EcoReadyBath delivers the highest quality – all prefabricated elements are matched with accuracy and precision.

Why are our EcoReadyBath Pods a great alternative to traditional bathrooms:

  • One and only partner for all the aspects related to the bathroom construction,
  • Thanks to the use of offsite prefabricated elements – production process even up to 80% shorter than in traditional technology,
  • Cost saving – by cooperation with many suppliers we can offer competitive prices,
  • Very durable and robust construction but offsite manufactured in lightweight,
  • We deliver each bathroom as a complete unit.

Who benefit from EcoReadyBath’s prefabricated bathrooms?

DEVELOPERS – By even 80% shorter construction time of offsite prefabricated bathrooms, developers can deliver their investment faster to the market. Thanks that the advantage of Pods will be the quicker and probably higher return from the investment, which is the main goal of any business.

CONTRACTORS – Modular bathrooms are made in controlled factory environment. Therefore we can avoid any time-consuming reworking or delays, which are typically for on-site building.

INSPECTORS – Offsite prefabricated bathrooms from EcoReadyBath are ready to pass the final inspection, because Pods are always built in one place – our factory according to the local required codes and standards with the highest quality of performance.

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See the catalog of design and interior of prefabricated (offsite) toilets and bathrooms (Pods) from EcoReadyBath
– a proven B2B partner for your company.

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Our quality

Our prefabricated EcoReadyBath toilets and bathrooms are created from scratch in our factory. The whole production process takes place offsite, therefore we can guarantee our B2B partners one-hundred percent repeatability and quality, while reducing the time of execution and final assembly. As a company with extensive experience in the Swedish market, we operate in accordance with the Saker Vatten Installation regulations. These are the regulatory framework developed by HVAC to standardize water and sewage installation principles and ensure greater user safety.

In addition, with our modular bathroom designs, we operate in accordance with the BKR guidelines on the use of ceramic materials and special construction solutions for wet rooms.

As a result, our clients can be assured that delivered bathroom modules (Pods) meet the highest European standards both in terms of performance and quality of used materials.

Benefits of the prefabricated bathrooms:

PURCHASING PROCESS – repeatability of offsite EcoReadyBath’s modular bathrooms for e.g. hotels, hospitals, offices make the customer work through the details of prefabricated bathroom (Pods) only once and contact only with us. Therefore our client saves time, money and nerves. We as EcoReadyBath are taking care of everything, because we’re general contractor, sub contractor and supplier.

DESIGN – Modular bathrooms requires specific framing and dimensions of both the building as well as the bathroom. That’s worth to think the whole project through at the beginning to minimize the cost of prefabricated bathroom per complete unit and have wide range of possibility in design or interior.

SHORTENED COMPLETION TIME –   Compared to traditional bathrooms, prefabricated Pods from EcoReadyBath can be fast connected into the right building and don’t need as much of attention and qualified blue collars.

MORE SAVINGS – Modular bathrooms also reduce the costs of the amount of for e.g. electricity, technical machinery or other supporting the building site resources.

SUSTAINABILITY – Factory manufacturing of offsite prefabricated bathrooms is more sustainable than traditional ways of construction, mostly because of less waste of materials and recycling of wastes from the whole construction process of Pods. All of this provides the guarantee of quality and usefulness for many years.

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We are part of the Procyon Group

We deliver prefabricated bathroom and toilet Pods and serve the following markets all over the Europe:

·   Hospitality,
·   Student Housing,
·   Development Projects,
·   Healthcare.